Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Fun Visit With the Vet! **insert sarcasm**

Well, I never expect my dogs to run to the car when ever they are asked "Do you wanna go to the vet?" but I didn't know a trip to the vet would be so EXHAUSTING! Casey and Jessie had their annual spring heartworm checkup yesterday and it was quite the task getting Jessie inside the building.

There are couple things you should know about Jessie. First, she has obsessive compulsive disorder, she is totally obsessed with catching and chasing the ball. She will play as long as you are willing to throw the ball and then some. This is why I taught her "Last time, then lay down." which sometimes she'll lay down for an hour and sometimes after 2 minutes she's right back up again waiting for you to toss the ball. Second, she has more than her fair share of health issues including narcolepsy and seizures. These are both scary things that we have pretty much under control now. And third, she is quite stubborn and determined! If she doesn't want to do something you can bet she's not gonna do it (the following story will prove this).

So, back to the vet visit. We turned onto the road that the vet's office is on and that is when it started, whining and anxiousness. As soon as we arrived, Casey hopped out of the car and went the right direction, Jessie did everything in her power to avoid the door. No amount of coercing or pulling would get her anywhere near that door. We even brought one of her tennis balls and she wanted nothing to do with it (which still boggles my mind). She managed to back her way up all the way to the car, pulling me along for the ride. This is when Casey got to go inside and visit with a vet tech. Well, Jessie managed to wriggle her way out of her harness, which was quite an accomplishment. I gave her a moment to calm down, not wanting her to go into a seizure or hurt herself. That's when I got help from one of the vet techs and after about ten minutes we were inside and the comforting really began! This is where I want to shout out to Brooke at Petsmart for showing me how to comfort and relax my dogs when they are stressed and anxious. Of course Casey was not so thrilled that she was left inside the building without me and attached herself to my side.

Well, at least I have two heartworm free pups, who as soon as the exam room door slid open rushed to the exit waiting anxiously for me to open the door! Jessie weighed in at 80.6 lbs down from 82 lbs. last fall. And Casey pulled in at 68.2 lbs. and the vet was very happy with their weight, not even slightly over weight, yay! I guess our walks twice a day are paying off for all of us! Jessie does have to go back for x-rays on her right hind leg, which she injured a while back but the vet thinks she may have re-injured it. So, I'm sure that will be another adventure visit. But other than that they both have a clean bill of health, so we keep doin' what we're doin'.

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