I'm no photographer, but I'm learning some basic photography and how to enhance my photos. I don't think it is cheating to enhance as long as you have a good photo to begin with :o)

May 1st Twenty-Ten
Here are a few pics from a couple relaxing walks we took today. That is a perk to photography, it is relaxing! It is so nice that we have 10 acres of land to rome around on. That includes a nice big field with lots of walking paths and our woods with lots of openings among the trees to let the sunlight leak through.

    Casey looking off to the middle distance :o)

    Jessie the Mole Hunter found a scent...

    Still lookin'...

    Are you in there Mr. Mole?

    Well, she was unsuccessful in her hunt, so let's move on...

    Are you coming??

    We walked through our woods just in time for the brilliant sunset.

    Jessie has the longest tongue in the world!
    I still can't figure out how it fits in her mouth.

    She is such a silly pup! With a giant tongue!

    Casey gets so exhausted after long walks, here she is doing what she does best, nappin'!
    Every day and every walk with my lovable labs is such an adventure!

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