Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jessie Update

So sorry it's been so long! I thought I would update you on Jessie's x-rays. Thanks to the wonderful and loving family I have Jessie was able to get in right away and get x-rays done on her leg. What the vet found was calcium buildup around the joint in other words.... arthritis just as suspected. This was fabulous news because she doesn't need surgery to fix anything. On the downside there is really nothing that can be done for arthritis other than to just manage the pain. The cold weather aggravates the arthritis so that is why she had been limping so much. So, now she is on a pain medication as she needs it. It helps her so much! She also has a self heating mat for her doggie-door doghouse (We have a dog door in our kitchen that leads to the fenced in backyard. The dogs walk out the dog door into an attached dog house then walk through another dog door to get outside. It really keeps out the drafts in the house!). The mat warms up from the dog's body heat. She lays in the dog house a lot when I work in the kitchen so this mat is great for giving her a bit of cushion and keeping her leg warm.
Jessie loves to get in a good run when she can.

Now that that worry is taken care of, all of our effort can be put into waiting for this awful snow to clear up so we can get back to our long walks in the field. We do get out occasionally but I try to limit Jessie's time running in the snow so her leg doesn't get aggravated. Winter has led to many a boring days for my pups but I try to throw the ball as much as possible throughout the day =)

Casey LOVES snow! She starts out diving head first then takes a good bite!

Winter's pretty but we're ready for summer!