Monday, May 17, 2010

Splashin' Around

Well, we've had a lot of rain the past week, which meant being trapped inside all day! I love the outdoors and walking through the field and woods with my dogs. It is peaceful (sometimes) and very relaxing. I always have things to do inside though. For my dogs....well, I think they felt a bit imprisoned and bored.

So, when the sun decided to break loose and brighten the spirits around here I thought it was time for a prison break. I knew we were going to have one wet walk! I decided since the dogs were going to get wet they might as well have fun getting wet, so I let them splash around in this huge water puddle that stretched across our walking path in the field. They loved every minute of it!

Jessie loves to drink out of puddles and creeks on our walks. Look at that tongue, though!

Casey has a totally different approach to the water, she dunks her whole head in.
She must think she's a duck =)

Casey decided it was time Jessie was dunked so she tried to tackle her.

They really had a blast running through the water, getting me a little wet in the process.

Casey was SOAKED!

That was really a big puddle, good thing I wore boots 'cause it completely blocked our path. There was no going around it. They really didn't want to leave the puddle.

Time to dry off running through the beautiful spring sunshine. The breeze helped, too!

Jessie did manage to find another puddle to drink from, but was pretty dry by the time we reached the house.

It was a great prison break even with all the wet dog smell later :o)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Well I'm Pooped!

So it's been a few days since my last post and I have an extremely good reason for it. My nephew Parker has been at my house since Sunday night and let's just say he's a handful, a good handful but a handful none the less. He's 10 months old and never sits still. He is crawling all over the place and just looking for something to get into.

Parker is a very determined little boy and no matter how much you try to redirect him or distract him there are five things he just can't get out of his mind and is set on getting: the living room paper can, the VCR and other TV components, the doggie door, the dogs' water bucket and the dog food dish....especially the dog food dish! He's managed to sneak a piece of dog food in his mouth twice now which I have luckily been able to pry from his mouth. That is Casey's fault because when she eats she has a tendency to drop food along the floor as she walks to and from the dish. Unfortunately Parker is right there to collect!

Casey and Jessie are very patient with Parker and they let him pet them and crawl all over them and even clank their license tags. But....after about five days with the little guy I think they are ready for him to go home and just visit for a while :o) Especially since most of the day they are trapped with him in the living room by a gate across the doorway. They still love him but I think they are ready to get back to their normal routine. Yes, normalcy, if there is such a thing in this house.

The one thing about spending a week with Parker is I'm really getting bonding time. Usually he comes to visit once or twice a month (my sister and brother-in-law live an hour and a half away). He really is a very sweet little boy who loves to giggle. Grandma and Grandpa are enjoying their time with him too!

Well, more on this visit later I can hear the little guy waking up from his nap!