I Think My Dogs are Mutants?

I always describe my two zany yellow Labradors, Casey and Jessie, as Mutants. I guess I should explain that.....Sure they might look like normal lovable dogs, but deep down they are mischievous crazy mutants. They are part yellow lab (of course), part monkey and part lizard.

I say part monkey because they often act silly and are curious about everything, getting into laundry, cupboards and anything they shouldn't be into. Casey is especially nosey, she is a sock lover, as I guess most labs are so I hear. She LOVES socks, throwing them around through the air then chasing them. She even greets me and any visitor at the door with a sock.

Now the lizard part is mostly their lickers. Yes, they have super long tongues just waiting to reach out and touch your hands, elbows, toes or face when you least expect it! Jessie has the longer tongue, able to reach over and slurp out of your glass on the coffee table when you aren't looking.

They may look innocent but don't be fooled by their adorable doggie exterior, these mutants are out to capture the hearts of humans everywhere and beg for their food!

And you gotta love 'em for it, I know I do!

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