Monday, November 8, 2010

Super Slurper!

I've always known Jessie has a super long tongue but after going through the pictures I took of her on our walk today I think it must be the longest doggie tongue ever! I mean she must be super uncomfortable when she has her mouth shut!

These are just pictures I shot today, but after going through my doggie photo files I don't have many pictures of Jessie where her tongue isn't hanging out.

This is not a great quality photo (sorry for the blurriness) but I do think it showcases the length of Jessie's tongue well.

Even when she is laying soaking up the sun her tongue is out.

Here you can see not only is her tongue long but it is also quite wide. This makes it ideal for slurping!

Jessie has no problem posing for the camera, especially if you have something in you hand that you are preparing to throw.

I guess she isn't picky about which side of her mouth her tongue hangs out of.

I love this shot! Her tongue looks huge here, how does it fit in her mouth??

Profile tongue shot.

What a dork! She is such a weirdo, maybe that is why she is a perfect match for the Parkers =o)

Casey on the other hand has a perfectly proportioned tongue for her mouth. She too is a weirdo but in so many different ways....she fits in well around here, too!

On a side note: We couldn't have a more beautiful November day! The 8th of November in Michigan and it is sunny with a bright blue sky and almost 60 degrees F! What a great day for a walk.

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